Stephenson Kasper & King, LLP

We are a boutique law firm providing sophisticated legal representation in trust, estate, and charitable matters. Our client-focused environment and dedication to excellence have led to strong and long-lasting client relationships. We are recognized in the Bay Area legal community for our expertise in wealth planning, charitable gift planning, tax exempt organizations, domestic and international estate planning, tax planning and trust and estate administration. Our services include:

Transfers of Wealth

We help families ensure that wealth is transferred in a way that meets the needs of family members and achieves the family’s charitable goals, all in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Charitable Organizations and Foundations

We represent charitable organizations and private foundations at the organizational stages, in their operations, including court accountings, as beneficiaries, and as fiduciaries in the administration of charitable trusts and endowments.

Trustees and Fiduciary Duties

We advise and represent trustees, executors, and other fiduciaries, whether individuals, banks or trust companies, in carrying out their duties in accordance with applicable law.


We represent beneficiaries in the administration of trusts and probate estates, and provide counsel in connection with probate and trust litigation.

Planning for Family Businesses

We assist family businesses, and clients with interests in closely-held businesses, in succession planning and tax planning.

Strategic Tax Planning

We plan and implement sophisticated strategies to minimize transfer taxes (estate tax, gift tax, generation-skipping tax), minimize income taxes in connection with transfers, and prevent the reassessment of California real property for property tax purposes.

Such techniques include grantor retained annuity trusts, limited liability companies, qualified personal residence trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, life insurance trusts, sales to grantor trusts, and more.

Estate Planning

We plan for the effective use of mechanisms such as trusts, wills, lifetime gift instruments, powers of appointment, and beneficiary-at-death designations to accomplish clients’ tax and non-tax goals.

Estate Taxes and Gifts

We prepare estate tax returns and gift tax returns on behalf of clients. Providing representation in connection with Internal Revenue Service audits of such returns.

Post Mortem and Succession Tax Planning

We assist trustees and executors in post-mortem planning, including tax planning for income in respect of decedents, planning for debts and expenses of administration, tax-wise valuation of estate assets, estate tax and valuation elections, deferred payment of estate tax, post-death planning for business interests, post-death generation-skipping planning, reformation of trusts, best use of disclaimers, and planning for the manner and timing of estate and trust distributions.